New Year, New Style: Refresh Your Home For 2018!

New Year, New Style: Refresh Your Home For 2018!

As the new year approaches us, odds are you're making your new years resolutions list that gives a fresh start to the new year. Whether its to eat healthier, set daily priorities, be kinder, slow down to enjoy simple things, or get fit, the best place and maybe even the most important place to start is within the home. Now, it’s no secret that we are a product of our surroundings so with that being said, it’s easy to understand how the effect of our surroundings can and will motivate us to do and be our best. The better things are at home, where it all begins, the stronger the probability you have to successfully improve all other aspects in your life. It’s time to get it together, LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY.

1.Create a TO-DO list. Set a new goal every night to make a realistic list of things you would like to accomplish for the next day. I cannot stress how important this is and HOW MUCH SUCH A SIMPLE TASK CAN ACHIEVE. Speaking from my own experience and my own experimenting.. creating a mall to-do list does wonders for various reasons. When I first started doing this, I have to admit I was pessimistic but shortly afterwards was shocked to see and feel the psychological and productivity benefits that this simple act created within. We feel more in control, confident, and focused throughout the entire day. A to-do list doesn't forget, helps set priorities, lets you coordinate similar tasks that saves time (especially when this involves commuting around a city), and tracks your progress. I can assure you that you'll instantly see and feel the benefits of this task before the end of your day.

2. Get Organized. This will require a bit of both deeper thinking and doing. Pick up different sized totes with lids that you can use around your home to organize bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and office spaces. These little life savers will not only save you sanity, but will save you so much time as well. Your space will instantly feel and look decluttered upon use, and is a great organization method and habit to maintain on a regular basis. 

3. Update Your Bedroom Linens. This is a great way to freshen bedrooms without breaking the bank. There’s just something about fresh linens that makes everything so much better. 

4. Get A Personal Assistant. Studies show that most new years resolutions fail within the first month… not to discourage you or anything… but I have good news and a great solution. When I say “Get A Personal Assistant” really, I meant get Voice activated google home. Not only will it control functions round the house while you are absent, but it can be a great way to help you stay on track and organized with simple reminders, requests, and answers. Your wish is google’s command! 

5. Update Your Design and Decor Scheme at Home or Office.  And if you need help with that, then call me ;) Lol.

Now I don't say this because I am in the this industry, but seriously, I cannot stress enough about the effects that our surroundings have on us. If you're not planning a full throttle home makeover project, there are many easy and economical ways to refresh your home by doing simple things and tricks, such as adding fresh florals on a weekly basis, replacing cushions on your sofa, updating your throws or rug, or even rearranging furniture placement. But when that doesn't do the trick, things can begin to feel overwhelming and discouraging. Hiring a professional even just for a few hours to give you some ideas, tips, and advice would be well worth the investment. Many times, this is all you need to give you a different perspective and whole lotta inspiration to carry on your project yourself!

Well there you have it my friends! Those were my top 5 recommendations to refresh your home and office for a more functional, convenient, and enjoyable space!

Time To Get Your Sparkle On And Unwrap your Holiday Style! (if you haven't already!!)

Just as the holidays bring joy and happiness, they can also bring feelings of personal nightmares in attempts to determine what your home’s holiday style is and at the same time, how to go about accomplishing the other 1,000,001 things you need to finish and get ready before the big day. Fear not… I’m here to help. I will be talking about different styles and how to achieve them! 


Formal Elegance

This one is for those of you (including myself) who ride or die by the more is more mantra….. this season is made for you!! Tis the season to let your inner Christmas child run wild and go all out. Generous and abundant is in the air and an absolute must for this style’s category. This is your time to go all out with fuller garlands, sparkled bows, glittered ornaments, embroidered napkins, and that special, detailed china and kitchenware you save especially for this special day.


freshening up your floors

The trend for chic floor coverings is more popular than ever - small wonder with grande results for any room….. 

Sometimes we think we will sacrifice comfort for style, and because of this many of us hesitate to purchase that perfect piece for our home. And particularly for this article, we are talking about area rugs. Area rugs can be placed over any floor finish and will always anchor a space together and will add visual value to your home. 

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